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C++ Guns: ACPL proudly presents: Histogram1D

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Create 1D Histogram in a fast and intuitive way.
Define an Axis, Range, Title, get stochastic moments. Enjoy the ASCII art output.
See source code and more code examples at ACPL Histogram 1D

std::vector<double> tempValues;
HistogramAxis axis("temp [degree]", FixBinSize{50}, makeDataIntervalClosed(tempValues));
Histogram hist = Histogram("City temperature", axis, tempValues);
cout << hist;
City temperature
Axis: temp [degree]
Number of bins: 50 bin width 0.242
Under/ Overflow count: 0 0
min max avg var std
Histogram -4.5 7.6 3.62 7.27079 2.69644
Data -4.5 7.6 3.62 7.27079 2.69644

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