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CppCon 2021

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Differentiable Programming in C++

GraphBLAS: Building a C++ Matrix API for Graph Algorithms

Misra Parallelism Safety-critical Guidelines for C++11, 17, Then C++20, 23

Faster, Easier, Simpler Vectors

Making Out the Most of Your Compiler

SIMD in C++20: EVE of a new Era

Testing Compile-time Constructs Within a Runtime Unit Testing Framework

Back To Basics: Undefined Behavior

A Crash Course in Calendars, Dates, Time, and Time Zones

Design Idioms from an Alternate Universe

The Basics of Profiling

Generic Graph Libraries in C++20

3D Graphics for Dummies

Cool New Stuff in Gdb 9 and Gdb 10

Branchless Computing: Why Conditions Are Bad for Your Code, and What Can You Do About It

Asserting Your Way to Faster Programs

Correctly Calculating min, max, and More: What Can Go Wrong?

C++23 Standard Library Preview

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